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The Story

FWUL ... Why? .. and why this name?
The existence of FWUL has a simple reason. I wanted to have something where I were able to point users to when they came with issues on Windows because the most problems around were solvable when using Linux ...

... and so the generic answer I gave those were exactly what FWUL means today. The only issue with Linux (even with Ubuntu, Mint and such) is that they do not include everything an Android user needs. You still have to issue commands to install and you have to make other adjustments like udev rules etc. Nothing a "normal" Windows user can do without guidelining.

That was the main reason why I started FWUL.. and because I had the above in mind FWUL is named like this.
easy right?

Light Weight & Fast

While containing a lot of pre-installed tools FWUL tries to keep its size tiny (less then 1 GB)

Easy to use

... No driver hassle
... no complicated installations
... remote support tools installed (tmate)
... or installed with a click (teamviewer)
... just download, flash and enjoy

More Info
For everyone

FWUL is for Windows Users, Linux Users, MAC Users, BSD Users, Android Users and everyone else. There is no limitation here ;)

For Experts

While FWUL claims to be easy to use and being for everyone even advanced users can make use of FWUL! Here are some examples:

- No need to prepare your own distro
- Give others (family, noobs, ..) easy support in a known and fix environment!
- FWUL comes with tmate pre-installed
- and a simple one-click TeamViewer installer!

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